KH Spooner Brake Lever Extension

Max Stanley   April 11, 2016

After 2 years of constantly tightening my Starfighter brake lever cap, it finally decided to fall off somewhere mid-trail. I didn’t mind much really however, after all the hassle and a few instances where the pointed tips slipped under a fingernail and pried up, I decided that maybe I didn’t need a brake lever cap.

I tried to adjust to not having the cap over the next few months, but quickly found that the skinny little lever was too difficult to find when I needed it most. Luckily, I had to place an order for the new KH T-Bar form the UK online store because it’s still sold out in the US, so I did some browsing while I was there and found the Spooner! I thought this clever little device to be long extinct, being completely replaced by the Starfighter on the North American sites, but low and behold there it was, still in stock!

I placed the order on a Tuesday in Maryland US, and received the package on Friday of that same week from London! I’m still amazed! So I bolted up the T-Bar this weekend and finally screwed on the little Spooner cap, and after a few quick sessions on my local trails, I can say that this is the brake lever cap for me.

The interior is molded to fit the contour of the lever perfectly and the 4 bolts screw in tight at all 4 corners and lock tight. I know this thing isnt going anywhere. And the feel of it, compared to the Starfighter, is so much nicer. It’s big smooth spoon shaped surface is easy to find with my fingers and hold onto, and it looks great too! I hope the fact that this little gem is still being sold in the UK means that it’s not going anywhere, otherwise I might need to stock up on them before they’re all gone!

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