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Stunt Unicyclist Rides Rim of Super Tall Chimney | OddCycle.com

Stunt Unicyclist Rides Rim of Super Tall Chimney

Max Stanley   June 26, 2017

The line between bravery and stupidity is razor thin and sometimes hard to define. Unicyclist and performer Flaviu Cernescu explores those boundaries in this video, where we see him riding, juggling, bouncing and even doing a wheel walk around the rim of one of Europe’s tallest chimneys. Although we cannot condone riding without a helmet (especially under such extreme circumstances!), we do recommend that you watch this video and share with a friend who is afraid of heights 😉

You are hereby notified that the stunts displayed in this video
were performed by professionals in a controlled environment.
Do not attempt to duplicate, re-create, or perform the same or
similar stunts, unless you are a trained professional as personal
injury or property damage may result.
The producer of this video is not responsible for any such injury
or damage.

This video shows me and a friend climbing the big chimney at
CET Târgu Jiu and riding the * Unicycle * on the top, at the height
of about 256m (840ft).

For the best experience of this clip use high brightness and turn
the volume up!

Starring: Flaviu Cernescu, Nikolai Ismail
Filming, editing: Flaviu Cernescu

Chimney at CET Târgu Jiu, 256 meters (840 feet)
July, 2016

Special thanks to Mada for being so kind ?

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