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The First Recorded UPD in Unicycle History! | OddCycle.com

The First Recorded UPD in Unicycle History!

Max Stanley   August 29, 2017

Little did he know it , at the time, but this man was a true pioneer in the evolution of the odd cycle. Like Neil Armstrong’s famous first steps onto the surface of the moon nearly 80 years later, this brave soul planted his face into the earth in what is believed to be the first recorded UPD (unplanned dismounts) in unicycle history.

the Penny Farthing was an oversized unicycle with a training wheel and handlebars. The unicycle was born when riders took off the back wheel and just rode the big wheel.

Today, unicycles are smaller and come in many diameters and seat post length and tire grip, usually they’re specified to their use, but people around the world are following in this guys..er, steps(?) and performing face plants and other spectacular UPD’s while trying to push themselves and the sport to the extreme.

Check out the video below to see how the pros are doing it!

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