Enter a wild race and pick up speed by performing crazy stunts and jumps. Race with your unicycle and win the tournament in Uniracers! Go on a dash race, a circuit race, and a stunt performance and complete all tour!

Uniracers is a 2D racing game developed by Rockstar North. In this game, you will race with other racers using your unicycles. The game features heavy emphasis on performing stunts to increase speed and earn bonu points. There are plenty of tricks and stunts to do but most are relatively simple and easy to make. The game features nine tours with 5 tracks each. The final tour features an opponent that gives off several odd effects to counter uni-cycling.

Click inside the screen to activate the controls

Arrow Keys – Movement
Space key – Select
Enter key – Start
“Z” key – a
“X” key – b
“A” key – x
“S” key – y
“D” key – l
“C” key – r
Or connect a USB/Bluetooth controller.