Watch Justin Bieber Learn How To Ride A Unicycle

Max Stanley   October 12, 2019

Justin Bieber has been learning to ride a unicycle, and by the looks of things in the video he snapped at the beginning of the month, he could be a natural at it. Unfortunately for him, pictures of the Biebs committing to a massive UPD (unplanned dismount) from his chromed out 20″ unicycle went viral this weekend.

© Max Lopez-Vasquez / BACKGRID

Learning to ride is super difficult and everyone takes spills like this when they are starting out, but most of us don’t have to do it in in front of the world like this!

© Max Lopez-Vasquez / BACKGRID

It’s OK Justin, just keep practicing and you could be landing 360 unispins and shredding skateparks with the greats someday!

All images © Max Lopez-Vasquez / BACKGRID


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