Dirt Rag’s Dirt Fest!

Dave Krack   May 9, 2018

Riding muni is a lot of fun. Riding muni with friends is often even more fun. Unfortunately most of us have many friends who don’t ride muni- yet. (We WILL convert them…) Sometimes meeting new muni friends is difficult. Let’s face it, overall there are a whole lot more folks who ride bikes (and have a lot of friends who ride bikes).

While there are a few muni meetups throughout the year, the calendar overall isn’t saturated yet unless you’re willing to commit to a lot of intercontinental travel. And, for the most part even those events are small in both number and attendance in comparison to those of our two wheeled off road brethren.

Solution? Join the party. That’s what some of us have been doing at Dirt Rag’s Dirt Fest for years. The current version of Dirt Fest has been going strong since 2010 (in PA, WV just started in 2017). In the Dirt Fest site’s words here’s what it’s about:

  1. Great Trails     
  2. Camping     
  3. Camaraderie with fellow enthusiasts      
  4. Chill inclusive vibe
  5. Diverse local music     
  6. Demo Bikes and Gear     
  7. Attractive to all abilities and ages
  8. Trail and Bicycle Advocacy     
  9. Ride from your camp     
  10. Good Craft Beer   
  11. Beards
  12. Affordable to attend     
  13. No Racing
  14. Unicycles (It’s not on the site list, but needs added)

Since at least 2012 we’ve had a uni presence as well with a group ride and demo session- to try to recruit more friends who will ride muni with us. Each year we hang with old muni friends and meet new ones as well (many who often ride bikes too). Since there are roughly 2000 other chill off road pedaling enthusiasts in attendance, the infrastructure is in place to have great food, beverages, and all other cool amenities right on site.

We all want great events. In the US, NAUCC only happens once a year. Unicon is only every other year. Outside of an occasional muni weekend here or there, there isn’t a whole lot going on. We should continue to have unicycling specific events, but if we’re welcome at bigger biking events loaded with cool pedaling friends we should take full advantage of the situation and join in the fun!


Note: Dirt Fest PA happens in less than 2 weeks. Camping is sold out. However, our muni group, Butler Wobble, has a few extra spots available if you don’t mind sharing our site. If you have interest, get in touch!  If Dirt Fest PA is too short of a notice for you, mark your calendar and get out for WV!

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