Best Shoes for Off-Road?

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      Max Stanley

      Does anyone have a perfect shoe, or at least one you really like for muni? It’s almost time to replace my old pair and I need some help picking the right replacement.

      I started out riding in a pair of Duff skate shoes, and liked the feel and control I got with them a lot. It didn’t take long for the soles to wear out though, and soon it felt like my feet were wrapping around the pedals and i was using a lot of extra effort just to hang on.

      Now i’m wearing FiveTen Freeride XI’s and the soles are much more stiff and grippier too, which helped increase the distance I could ride off-road by miles. They are almost too grippy sometimes though, making it difficult to adjust foot position on the fly and the pair I bought runs a bit large on my foot.

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