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KH Fusion Zero Saddle – Long Term Review

Max Stanley   May 31, 2016

I think I’ve finally put enough miles on my Kris Holm Zero Fusion flat saddle to write up a long term review, so if you’re still not sure if you want to spend the money on the upgrade, check back soon to see what I think of this unique new offering from the legend himself.

If you’ve been riding for a while, like I have, the Zero Fusion will feel a bit weird at first, but that’s ok. Trust me, you will get used to it. Unlike almost every other uni saddle on the market, this saddle is almost completely flat and not very cushy at all, so you may have to make some adjustments after a few rides until the angle feels good. I followed the setup guide pdf provided by KH and found that the 3rd notch setting, suggested by the Kris Holm himself, to be the most comfortable after some test runs.

On the trail, the first thing I noticed about the new design was that there is a lot more useable surface area to sit on. I can scoot forward when climbing up a steep ascent without crushing my bits on the nose and I can move back and forth to find the comfy zone on uneven terrain. This in itself is huge. On even the nicest of the old saddles I was pretty much stuck in the middle and almost always uncomfortable.Maybe a smaller rider or a child would have more room on a conventional seat, but as an average build adult male, the Zero Fusion feels like it just fits my anatomy better.


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